Getting a great cup of coffee requires a perfected pour-over coffee technique, this article covers the basic elements for success. Once mastered, pour-over coffee brewing is simple and easy to repeat. Having the right beans and equipment is key as well, but it starts with technique.

Items needed:

Rinse the paper filter

Place the decanter and drip cone on the digital scale and zero it out.

Boil the water, remove from the heating element or turn off the kettle, let stand for 45 seconds, to a temperature of 198-201 degrees. Meanwhile rinse your paper filter with the boiling water. Be sure to fold the seams over flat to make the filter sit better in the cone. After rinsing lift the filter a little to unstick it from the sides of the cone.

Measure the coffee

Grind 24-29 grams (or two scoops with the Hario measuring cup) of freshly roasted whole beans to a medium-fine texture, it should be a sandy consistency. Put the grounds into the filter, level and slightly indent the center.

Bloom it

Pre-infuse the coffee first. Pour the hot water into the center and work your way out, in ever expanding circles, until you reach the edge of the grounds. Some people recommend that you stop short of the edge leaving a 1/8 inch or so of the coffee dry. But either way works.

Let sit for 45 seconds.

Build it and it will taste great!

After blooming, start the main pour, beginning from the center, pour the remaining water into the cone. Some like the do this in stages. Pour, rest, pour, rest, etc. This should take around 2:50 seconds. Remember to use the 415 grams of water, including the pre-infusion water, for best results.

Enjoy your cup!

After the time expires pour the brewed coffee into a preheated cup and drink up.

Things to remember:

  1. Preheat
  2. Bloom
  3. Pour slowly, in a controlled way

The Art of Pour Over Coffee by Joe Bean Coffee Roasters via Whole Latte Love

Here are a couple videos the demonstrate the pour-over coffee technique.

Tom from Sweet Maria’s gives you the lowdown:

From Kyle Evans at The Roasterie:

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