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You should be brewing pour-over coffee.

Why should you bother with brewing pour-over coffee? Because it's the best way to get the most of the good parts of the coffee. If you've never used the pour-over method, it may seem a little intimidating. But here you are with a 12oz bag of Hakimson Estate Kenya...

How to Brew Pour-Over Coffee

How to brew pour-over coffee. Getting a great cup of coffee requires the right brewing equipment, fresh roasted coffee and a perfected pour-over coffee technique. This post covers the basic elements for success. Once mastered, pour-over coffee brewing is simple and...

Guatemala Casi Cielo

Guatemala Casi Cielo

  Guatemala Casi Cielo®/Whole Bean Bright notes and floral aromas finishing in smooth cocoa flavor. If you're looking for a good well-rounded everyday drinking coffee, Guatemala Casi Cielo is a good choice and right now it's at or Starbucks...


It's National Coffee Day, show your love for coffee! And tomorrow when you have that coffee hangover, remember that a little hair of the dog will get you through. Drink up!     #NationalCoffeeDay

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