Don’t be intimidated by the Pour-over coffee method.

You dont need a kitchen scale, $60 pour-over kettle, burr grinder, etc, to achive great pour-over coffee. A lot of how-to’s will suggest you need a complicated and expensive mix of tools and technique. Which is true if you are seeking perfection. It is possible to get great results with just fresh ground coffee, a cone, filter and hot water.

Start with fresh roasted beans

The most important element to great tasting coffee are the beans! Buy smaller amounts of fresh-roasted beans from a local artisan roaster. If there are none in your city, try mail order. There are many great roasters that will ship fresh roasted beans. Google artisan coffee roasters.

Cone and filter

Any cone system will work, from the plastic Militta cone from the local grocery store to a glass Hario v60. No matter what you use you can get great coffee. Filters are more readlily available for the Militta type than the circular Hario type. Go with what works for you.


Heat your favorite coffee cup with hot water (boiled or tap) let stand for a couple of minutes, rinse the paper filter inside the cone with hot water from the preheated cup.

Hot water

Get a glass 2-cup measuring cup, add 1 1/2 cups of could water, place in a microwave for 3 minutes (or as long as it take to boil). After it reaches boil, remove from the microwave let cool a couple minutes. Take this time to grind the beans. You can also use a stovetop kettle or pot to heat the water, but pour the water into the mesuring cup.

The right amount of ground beans

If you have a burr grinder find the right setting to grind enough coffee, you can fine tune this though a little trial an error. Or if you have the a blade-type coffee grinder, only use as much beans as you’re going to need. In either machine grind the beans to the consistency of sand.

Bloom the grind

Place the grounds into the rinsed filter. Pour a small amount, enough to soak the coffee through, watch as the coffee absorbes the water and swells up. Wait just over a minute.

Slowly pour

Pour the remaining hot water into the cone, make sure the stream is small, start in the center and work out in a spiral pattern until the water is gone.

Drink and enjoy!

Once the water has poured through, add cream sugar or drink black. You should have a great cup.

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