Water to Coffee Ratio for Pour-over Coffee Brewing

16-parts water to 1-part coffee Always start with good fresh-roasted coffee and filtered water; successful pour-over coffee brewing comes down to ratios. For pour-over coffee brewing, the water to coffee ratio of 16 parts (grams) water to 1 part...

You should be brewing pour-over coffee.

Why should you bother with brewing pour-over coffee? Because it's the best way to get the most of the good parts of the coffee. If you've never used the pour-over method, it may seem a little intimidating. But here you are with a 12oz bag of Hakimson Estate Kenya...

How to Brew Pour-Over Coffee

How to brew pour-over coffee. Getting a great cup of coffee requires the right brewing equipment, fresh roasted coffee and a perfected pour-over coffee technique. This post covers the basic elements for success. Once mastered, pour-over coffee brewing is simple and...

Pour Over Coffee Brewer

You know the situation; it’s a workday and you woke up late and now there’s not enough time to do a traditional pour over coffee, forget picking something up on the way to work, the lines are always too long! Wouldn’t it be nice to have an coffee brewer that made pour...

Guatemala Casi Cielo

  Guatemala Casi Cielo®/Whole Bean Bright notes and floral aromas finishing in smooth cocoa flavor. If you're looking for a good well-rounded everyday drinking coffee, Guatemala Casi Cielo is a good choice and right now it's 25% off on Starbucks.com. EXTENDED:...

how to brew pour over coffee

Pour-over coffee brewing is the easiest way to prepare fresh coffee. Most automatic coffee machines use a variation of the pour-over method, but offer little in control.

What pour-over coffee brewing specifically offers is precise control over the pour, so that you extract the most from the coffee grounds than you could get from a machine. Automatic machines tend to soak from the middle causing the potential of channeling. Instead you’re distributing water all over the grounds in a controlled motion, maximizing the extraction as well as the timing of the pour to better saturate the grounds.

Additionally, the cost is low, all you need is a cone brewer and paper filters to get started, as you progress bringing on a high quality Conical Burr Grinder and a Gooseneck Kettle will improve your game. It’s pretty basic: coffee, brewer, paper filter and water, that’s all you need.

Let’s recap:

• Controlled coffee extraction
• Budget friendly
• Easy
• Great flavor

Explore Pour-over Coffee World for product reviews, how to’s, buying guides and ton of other information on Pour-over Coffee brewing.

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