Hario v60 Dripper

Hario v60 Dripper ©2012 Mark LaPoint

I just received a Hario v60 Dripper in the mail, safely ordered from Amazon. For years I have been using Melitta droppers, after reading about the Hario v60 Dripper I’ve decided to make a change and try it out.

Hario v60 Dripper

It was very inexpensive, the plastic vs the ceramic or class are much more in cost. Very soon I am going to conduct a side-by-side test, Melitta vs Hario to see which I think is better. But so far I am liking the Hario v60 Dripper.

Fast Brewing

The major difference from the old cone dripper it that it has a tiny hole in the bottom which causes the coffee to back up and steep in the cone before passing into the cup. With the Hario v60 Dripper hot water passes right through, at first is was surprised that it brewed so fast, but the first cup it’s sort of nice since I get my cup quicker. I have not noticed a major taste difference, it’s advised not to use too much coffee as you’ll get a bitter taste, but the coffee from the Hario v60 is a little thin, still tweaking the amount of grounds.

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