Every year Father’s Day displays pop up in the stores full of boxer shorts, engraved booze flasks, cologne he’ll never use, and a variety of ‘World’s Best Dad’ mugs and t-shirts. But are those the things he really wants?


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He says he doesn’t expect much, so why is finding the perfect gift so hard? You want to be original, and you want to find the thing he most wants. He has enough of those mugs, ties, and beer bottle poppers. The only thing worse than not being able the find a great Father’s Day gift for Dad, is getting the wrong thing! Seriously, dads can be so hard to shop for. Until now. Whether he has java coursing through his veins or simply loves his morning coffee, the Pour Over Coffee World Father’s Day Gift Guide has recommendations for any budget, from paper filters to top-of-the-line conical burr grinders, and everything in between.

Pour over is more than just a passing fad. It’s gaining popularity because it’s a method that is about bringing out the optimal flavors from fresh roasted coffee. It’s also about taking the time and appreciation of the preparation process. Many coffee lovers who haven’t really thought about pour over before are won over by the simplicity and purity of the method once they try it. It only takes some basic supplies to begin, making it a great gift for beginners. If the father in your life is already a pour-over enthusiast, there are many upgrades and accessories he would love.

So before you blindly wander the aisles of the local department store, check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide and save yourself a lot of trouble and gas.

Father’s Day Gift ideas for the seasoned
pour-over coffee aficionado or the beginner.

Items to consider:

  • Cone Drippers
  • Filters
  • Digital Scale
  • Goose-neck Kettles
  • Glass Carafes
  • Burr Grinders
  • Automatic Brewing Machines