My first pour-over coffee memory.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Over Christmas 1980 my late mother removes a Chemex Drip Coffee Carafe from the cupboard, places it on the kitchen counter, unfolds this funny square filter and puts it into the cone part. Then grinds some fresh roasted beans that she had purchased at the Pike Place Market, (fresh roasted beans, at that time, were not widely available like today). She pours some boiled water over the grounds and I watch in fascination as the grounds swelled in the water and slowly their brown elixir begins to seep out of the paper point and into the pot.

After the coffee had all dripped into the pot she poured a cup for me, then her, added some cream. She used a heavy cream, I remember the fat of the cream floating on the surface that disappeared as I gave it a stir. One sip and I was hooked (forever).

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