Holiday Shopping Gift Guide for 2020

Holiday Shopping Gift Guide for 2020

holiday gift guide

Pour Over Coffee Holiday Shopping Gift Guide for 2020

It’s that time of that year and shopping for family, friends, and co-workers can be stressful: No one likes so give something that your gift recipient might not like or never use. Is someone on your list one of the “has everything” people, or hard to shop for, or just plain hard to please? If they love coffee, hooking them up with pour-over coffee brewing gear could solve your gift-buying dilemma. Check out the possibilities with the Pour-over Coffee World Holiday Gift Buying Guide 2020.

Get the coffee drinker on your shopping list something they’ll love

Prices range from $8.50 for a Hario Coffee Dripper V60 to $900 for a La Pavoni Commercial Coffee Grinder.

Gift possibilites:

  • Cone Coffee Drippers
  • Gooseneck Kettles
  • Digital Scales
  • Burr Coffee Grinders
  • Fresh-roasted Coffee Subscription

Can’t find Hario V60 Coffee Paper Filters? Try online.

V60 Coffee Paper Filters for Pour-over CoffeeDid you run out of Hario V60 Coffee Paper Filters? They can be hard to find in many localities. Most grocery stores will carry pour-over coffee filters, but rarely Hario brand. Almost always Melitta, and generic cone filters for the Melitta-style cone. The Hario has a round cone. The Melitta filters will not fit very well.

Order hard to find coffee paper filters online

Amazon, eBay and other online companies carry Hario Coffee Paper Filters. It’s only a matter of chosing the right service you feel comfortable using.

Take advantage of free shipping

Getting shipping for free makes it worth the effort. Amazon has free shipping for orders $25 or more. Ebay sellers will ususally charge a nominal fee, or ship for free. Many of the retailers that sell on Amazon also sell on eBay, two very safe and trusted online shopping portals.

Many sellers have their own online stores as well as eBay and Amazon stores. I ordered 2 100 count filter packs on Amazon and that were delivered quickly from Prima Coffee.

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