Hario V60 Metal Dripper

Hario V60 Metal Dripper

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Now you can take a Hario V60 dripper anywhere, from Mount Kilimanjaro to a luxury hotel on Park Avenue, or even your own back yard. While brewing pour-over coffee is possible when you travel, if you use a class or ceramic Hario V60 dripper, breakage can be an issue. Hario makes a resin V60 Dripper, but it can also crack or break in transit. Enter the metal V60 dripper, durable and lightweight, perfect for packing.

Hario V60 Metal Dripper is easy to take care of

The Hario V60 Metal Dripper is constructed of lightweight stainless steel, available in 3 colors, bronze, silver or black. With a removable silicon base for easy cleaning or packing. You’ll never have to worry about the perfect cup of pour-over coffee when you travel. And with the minimalistic design, the perfect object d’art for the kitchen.

Where to find the Hario V60 Metal Dripper

The Hario V60 Metal Dripper is available at many gourmet and specialty kitchen houseware stores and also available from Amazon, Primo Coffee and other online retailers.

Ceramic vs Plastic Coffee Drippers


In the ceramic vs plastic coffee dripper contest, who won?

The fight was on. Who would prevail in a ceramic vs plastic coffee dripper tête à tête? But before the battle could even commence, the TKO went to plastic! If you’re clumsy at all, a ceramic coffee dripper will not last very long. The image shows a beautiful Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper that lasted exactly two days. While the steadfast 20+ year-old Melitta dripper survived to fight another day…until the replacement arrives.

The comparison was meant to pit the Melitta plastic coffee dripper
against a similar style ceramic dripper. POCW labs has a resin Hario V60, but the test would not have been accurate as the two drippers are vastly different in extracting method.

So while the ceramic filters available run a range of quality and style, plastic/resin drippers are limited to a couple of choices.

Ceramic vs Plastic Coffee Dripper

So which coffee dripper really won? Had the contest taken place, certainly the ceramic would have prevailed, as ceramic is like class, the glaze used on ceramic is actually glass, and would be 100% inert with the coffee in the pour-over extraction. While the Melitta is the granddaddy of pour-over there are better materials available that could be used in manufacture.

The winner is…

In the ceramic vs coffee dripper contest and despite the glaring flaw of being extremely fragile, ceramic wins! We were able to brew a couple of cups of pour-over coffee. We felt that we were drinking coffee pure and simple. Sorry plastic. Back to the cupboard with you. Well, at least, until your replacement arrives. We at Pour Over Coffee World are waiting for resin versions of their ceramic coffee drippers to do conduct a true head-to-head.



A request for Bee House, Bonmac and others.
Make resin versions of your ceramic coffee drippers! Hario has a very nice resin version of its V60 coffee dripper. While Clever Coffee makes a nice resin coffee dripper, it differs in method, by holding and steeping the coffee until the valve is released, it can’t be used for this comparison.

Coffee is coffee, right?

Not by a long shot. I started with Yuban as a teen, kept a jar of instant coffee in my locker, never quite loving it other than the caffeine. Until my truly awakening moment, a pour-over made by my late mother.

I’ve tried many coffee brewing methods over the years, stovetop espresso, french press, drip coffee makers, but the only one that I have consistently used is the pour-over cone drip method.

Why? It’s the only technique that has consistently given me the best results.

Now my quest is to prefect the pour-over, and the reason for this site.

French Press produced too much silt and i think makes the coffee taste muddy, most of my coffee aficionado friends will disagree, but that’s my opinion based on what I like.

Stovetop espresso is also ended up muddy, and more than a few times I managed to overheat it. I liked the creama but it’s always obliterated by the water spraying out of the nozzle. I still end up with a cup ‘o mud that I so despise.

I dont need to say anything about machines. although there are some interesting looking pour over machines, I will have to I’ll discuss at a future date, provided I can get my hands on some demo units.

Enjoy Pour-over Coffee World!

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