Coffee Drippers

Pour-over coffee drippers come in many forms; plastic, glass, ceramic. Shapes; round or oblong cones, large free-flow holes or small holes (that restrict water flow) for steeping the coffee grounds. Melitta is the most common type of plastic coffee dripper. Other brands include Hario Glass, Bee House, Frieling Cilio, Clever Coffee Dripper, Bonmac, Chemex. Chemex is a all in one, cone and carafe. There are also cloth drippers, Hario makes a drip pot wood neck, that uses a cloth filter. Also there are press filters that are not really drippers that fit over the cup. If iced coffee is your “cup of tea”, so to speak, there are not many products specially designed to brew iced coffee.


There are two basic types. Hario style cone that is a true circular cone and has a large hole in the bottom that allows the coffee for pass quickly through the filter. And the Melitta type that is more oblong at the base of the cone and has a small hole or holes that slow the coffee as it effectively “steeps” as it passes through.

So many choices

How do you choose? All coffee drippers are specific to one’s taste preferences. If you’ve been using one type of coffee dripper and would like to try something else, ask your friends or knowledgeable barista for recommendations or advice. There are many video demonstrations and critiques available on youtube. But since subjectivity rules, it’s up to you. Try sampling pour-over coffee at a good coffee house, if your lucky enough to live in a major city finding one is not so difficult. Ultimately it a roll of the dice, you may be pleasantly surprised or disappointed, most retailers, both local and online, accept returns. Remember glass is most expensive, followed by ceramic and then plastic. Happy hunting.

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