Choosing the Right Pour Over Coffee Digital Scale

Pour Over Coffee Digital ScaleChoosing the right pour over coffee digital scale. A great cup of Pour-over coffee requires technique and the proper equipment. A digital kitchen scale is an integral component for success. But what kind of scale? Not all kitchen scales work for pour-over coffee brewing. It’s not enough to be able to weigh the coffee grounds, you also need to weigh the water, and you need to time it all perfectly.

A digital scale that has auto-off might shut off before brewing is complete. Leaving you hanging. The scale must stay on for at least 5 min., most scales turn off after a few minutes. Stick to the digital scales you find on specialty coffee shops and suppliers. Going for the least expensive digital scale will result in bad pour-over. Spend a little more and you’ll be satisfied with your pour-over brewing results

Features to look for:

  • Metic or standard weighing to 01 gram or 1/10 of an ounce
  • Zero/Tare
  • Timer (optional)

Recommended Pour Over Coffee Digital Scale:

Best: Hario Coffee Drip Scale/Timer – $40.99 Amazon 4 1/2  Stars

Pour Over Coffee Digital Scale: Hario V60Tare/Zero. Measures .1 gram increments. Brew timer. Buy Here

Read the UPDATED Pour-over Coffee World in-depth review here.

This scale is very easy to use, and while most digital kitchen scales will do the trick, it’s worth considering investing a little more in a Hario Drip Scale/Timer, it’s designed especially for pour-over and is very easy to use.

UPDATE: (1/06/17) We’ve had the Hario Digital Scale for more than 2 years and it’s been working like a charm. One word of warning, so not get it wet, it will stop working. If you over-fill your cup and the liquid flows onto the main plate, it will get inside the scale. The good news is that you can revive it, just remove the batteries and let all the fluid drain out by propping it against something. After a few days it should work like new.

Good: ProScale XC-2000 Extreme Capacity Digital Scale – $33-35 Amazon, Prima Coffee 5 Stars

Tare/Zero. Measures 10th of oz, .1 gram increments. No timer. Small compact, good for travel. Buy Here

Good: Jennings CJ600 Scale – $40 Amazon 4 Stars

Tare/Zero. Weight displayed in .1 gram increments. Auto-off can be disabled. 20-year Warranty. No timer. Buy Here

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