Not by a long shot. I started with Yuban as a teen, kept a jar of instant coffee in my locker, never quite loving it other than the caffeine. Until my truly awakening moment, a pour-over made by my late mother.

I’ve tried many coffee brewing methods over the years, stovetop espresso, french press, drip coffee makers, but the only one that I have consistently used is the pour-over cone drip method.

Why? It’s the only technique that has consistently given me the best results.

Now my quest is to prefect the pour-over, and the reason for this site.

French Press produced too much silt and i think makes the coffee taste muddy, most of my coffee aficionado friends will disagree, but that’s my opinion based on what I like.

Stovetop espresso is also ended up muddy, and more than a few times I managed to overheat it. I liked the creama but it’s always obliterated by the water spraying out of the nozzle. I still end up with a cup ‘o mud that I so despise.

I dont need to say anything about machines. although there are some interesting looking pour over machines, I will have to I’ll discuss at a future date, provided I can get my hands on some demo units.

Enjoy Pour-over Coffee World!

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