Bean Box coffee subscription

Bean Box coffee subscription

Bean Box Coffee Subscription

Curated coffee subscription. Bean Box curates your subscription based on several factors that you choose:

1. Preparation

  • Ground
  • Whole Bean

2. Roast preference

  • All Roasts
  • Light Roast
  • Medium Roast
  • Dark Roast
  • Espresso
  • Decaf

3. Type of plan

  • Coffee tasting; Monthly $16.50. 4 expertly-curated coffees every month
  • Coffee Bag Subscription; 12 oz bag delivered Monthly $24, Biweekly $22, Weekly $20.

From the best artisan coffee roasters

Ladro Roasting, Herkimer, Kuma Coffee, Lighthouse Roasters, Cafe Vita Victrola Coffee Roasters, Batdorf & Bronson, and many many more, check the site for an updated list.

Learn more at Bean Box

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What’s the best Grinder for Pourover

What’s the best Grinder for Pourover

6 different conical burr grinders in one image

What’s the best grinder for pourover?

There are dozens of choices for grinding coffee, from cheap to expensive, so what is the best grinder for pourover?

A person may wonder: “What’s the best grinder for pourover?” After some consideration, the first breakdown is blade v.s. conical burr grinder. You can eliminate a blade grinder right away. The blades do not grind evenly, you’ll end up with varying sizes of ground coffee, which will effect extraction, which will effect flavor. One day you get a weak cup, another a bitter cup. So don’t bother with blade grinders.

Having eliminated blade grinders, the next criteria is cost. You can get a good conical coffee grinder by Cuisinart for $60, all the way up to the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder for $299. You shouldn’t spend anymore than $300, and even that is excessive for pourover, but don’t even got that far.

If you have an espresso machine, or plan on buying one, you should know that there are not any burr grinders that do both well. So you’re looking at two grinders. And espresso is beyond the scope of this site. Check Coffee Cosmos for information on coffee styles outside of Pour-over. DO NOT BUY A GRINDER THAT PROMISES THAT IT GRINDS ESPRESSO AND POUR-OVER, it just can’t do both well. 

So what’s the best grinder for pourover?

If you’re restricted by a budget go for the Cuisinart, it’s a real workhorse and grinds well enough for most pour-over drinker’s palates. Bodum, OXO, Capressso make good burr grinders that come in at around $100, but if you’re going to spend that amount, it’s makes sense to chip in an extra and get the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder. Reviews across the internet show it’s the best grinder for the price.

Watch the reviews here.

Reusable Coffee Filter by CoffeeSock for Hario V60 Drip Brewers

Reusable Coffee Filter by CoffeeSock for Hario V60 Drip Brewers

CoffeeSock® reusable coffee filter

Are you tired of having to re-order paper filters for your Hario type drip coffee brewer? We sure are! 🙂 So we decided to order and test run the CoffeeCock Organic Cotton Reusable Coffee Filter for the Hario V60 cone dripper.

When you get two CoffeeSock cloth filters per box. Boil the filters for 10 minutes before first use.

Use them just as you would a paper filter.

Initially we are pleased with the results, and very much like not having to use paper filters, which in turn reduces the environmental impact and expense of pour-over coffee brewing. We noticed a slightly different taste with the first brew, we’re assuming it’s because certain compounds are not being filtered out, or there is a sizing or something in the cotton that will leach out eventually. So we tossed the first cup, and brewed a second. This time most of the taste was gone, although the coffee extraction seems to be a little higher than with a paper filter, but that could reduce with more use, meanwhile adjustments to grind might be in order.

First impression:

It’s possible that maybe these filters are better than paper! We think that the cotton is more of an inert material than paper and doesn’t impart flavor into the coffee. We will update this article after a couple weeks as the filters become more seasoned.

Our only complaint is that cleaning the grounds out of the filter is a bit messy if you’re composting, but that’s not really an issue.

CoffeeSock also makes reusable coffee filters for Kalita Wave, Chemex, Drip Cone #2, #4, #6, Disc, Basket and more.

See the video below on how to use the CoffeeSock Organic on our YouTube channel.

From the box:

Durable – Each pack lasts about 1 year and replaces 500 paper filters.

Quality – Made in Austin, Texas! Yeh!

See the CoffeeSock in action. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Get a Complete Pour-over Coffee Setup for Under $100

Get a Complete Pour-over Coffee Setup for Under $100

Get a Complete Pour-over Coffee Setup for under $100!

Now the the global Covid-19 epidemic, and the subsequent quarantine, getting the awesome coffee we’re used to, is much harder and potentially dangerous. But it doesn’t have to be like that—if your automatic coffee machine is bumming you out, and with espresso hard to prepare correctly and worse, the machines are spendy. Here’s a list to help you get get a complete pour-over coffee setup for under $100.

Getting a decent pour-over coffee brewing set-up from scratch can be spendy if you go with the top of the line brands like Hario, Kalita, Baratza, etc. But there are options to fit the frugal budget, that quite frankly, will produce an excellent cup of pour-over coffee. So check this article for a list and links to the gear you need for an affordable pour-over coffee setup.

OXO BREW Pour-over Coffee Maker Review

OXO BREW Pour-over Coffee Maker Review

OXO’s BREW Pour-over Coffee Maker: Not a perfect pour-over coffee brewer, but pretty good for hands-off brewing and everyday use.
We purchased the OXO Brew Single Serve Drip Brewer several weeks back. Rather than rush to review it, we chose to use it exclusively for pour-over drip brewing instead of the other drip brewers we have before writing this review. It was not provided for review by OXO.

The OXO BREW Single Serve Drip Brewer offers a couple advantages over the traditional pour-over brewing technique. You can simply fill the tank with the amount of water you want, or you can use a digital scale (strongly recommended). If you don’t have a scale, just use the marked measurements, in OZ or ML, on the side the of the tank. The box includes an instruction card with a chart for different brew strengths.oxo-brew single serve pour-over coffee world

How the OXO Brew Single Serve Drip Brewer works

Fill the auto-drip water tank with hot water, using the measurement markings on the side of the tank, to the desired amount. Inside the tank there are several tiny holes that slowly drip the water into the grounds, which steeps as it passes through the coffee. Pretty basic.

The Taste

We didn’t find a huge difference with the coffee extraction from the OXO Brew Single Serve Drip Brewer versus traditional pour-over brewing. Although we did notice that you can’t really get a good bloom. We discovered that by pouring some water directly into the grounds we could get a bloom, replacing the auto-drip tank and completing the pour to the desired quality. This seemed to solve that problem. The Brewer can’t mimic the gradual pouring method used for pour-over, but it controls the drip to keep the grounds soaked, and works nearly as well.

Our Recommendation

The OXO BREW is a must-have for any coffee aficionado, maybe not as a primary brewer*, but if you’re short on time, or simply can’t be bothered to manually brew pour-over coffee everyday, you could benefit from the OXO BREW. The OXO Brew Single Serve Drip Brewer is a great alternative to an expensive Automatic Pour-over Coffee Machine, or any type of coffee machine for that matter. You’ll still get a great tasting cup of pour-over coffee.

*If there are times that you want do go full manual pour-over coffee, you can skip the tank and manually brew your pour-over coffee using the dripper only, works just as well as any drip brewer.

BONUS: The lid doubles as a drip tray for the dripper.

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