Father’s Day Gift Ideas

fathers day gift guideFather’s Day Gift Ideas.

Not sure what to buy dear old Dad this Father’s Day? Does shopping for the man who has everything leave you stumped? If he loves coffee, the following father’s day gift ideas will hopefully solve your dilemma.

There are a lot of father’s day gift ideas that range in price from $8.50 for a Hario Coffee Dripper V60 to $900 for a La Pavoni Commercial Coffee Grinder.

Is your dad a seasoned Pour-over coffee expert?

Look at what he needs or doesn’t have. Check to see the condition of his cone dripper. If it’s old, maybe broken or cracked, a new cone will always be appreciated and there are lots of choices, plastic, ceramic or glass. Does he need filters? You can never miss with cone dripper filters. Some filters are not available in grocery stores and will need to be ordered online. Look for what they don’t have, a digital scale is a good item to consider, as are goose-neck spout pouring kettles.  Glass carafes to drip the brew into are will be happily accepted. Check the lists below for ideas.

Cone coffee drippers come is several shapes, sizes and brewing methods. Militta, Bee House, etc., are the more oblong shaped and provide a slower coffee extract. Hario, Kalita, Chemex have large openings at the bottom and allow the coffee to extract more quickly. Cone coffee drippers come in plastic, resin, glass and metal.


Coffee Filters are often in short supply, especially hard to find ones. There are two choices, metal and paper. The advantage to metal is that they last a long time, the downside is that a little silt and a certain kind of cholesterol can pass through. Paper, while one use, helps catch the oils. Melitta makes the best quaility paper and bamboo filters that are widely available at grocery stores. Hario, Chemex, Kalita Wave are harder to find in stores and online retailers are good places to order them. Able Brewing Equipment and Cuisinart make good metal filters.



Extra tools:

Digital scales are very useful and help to accurately the measure the mount of coffee ground, the bloom and then the final pour, exact control are one of the important factors to great pour-over coffee. The Hario V60 Scale includes a timer.

Goose-neck Kettles are usually available as stove-top or electric. A hot water kettle that doesn’t have a long spout will not work well, pour control is key to successful pour-over coffee (although if they have a Hario Buono-type kettle to pour hot water into, any stove-top or electric kettle will do).  It’s wise to use something else to boil the water than the kettle, add the jot water to the kettle then pour.



Grinders are what any baristia will tell you every home pour-over coffee brew master needs. But not just any grinder will do, a good, high-quality Burr Grinder is indispensable in the kitchen.




Thermocouples are a precise method for measuring water temperture, which is crucial for the best coffee extraction.

If they are not into Pour-over yet, it’s time to get them started!

Try a making a gift bundle with a cone dripper, some filters and a carafe and or Hario Bruno Kettle. Or a Chemex carafe, filters and a kettle. The possibilities are endless, depending on your budget. Amazon and eBay, Primo Coffee are good places to look.


Why not surprise your pops with the items he’s have been dreaming about? Click the links above and start shopping today!

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Hario V60 Metal Dripper

Hario V60 Metal Dripper

© Hario Co., Ltd

Now you can take a Hario V60 dripper anywhere, from Mount Kilimanjaro to a luxury hotel on Park Avenue, or even your own back yard. While brewing pour-over coffee is possible when you travel, if you use a class or ceramic Hario V60 dripper, breakage can be an issue. Hario makes a resin V60 Dripper, but it can also crack or break in transit. Enter the metal V60 dripper, durable and lightweight, perfect for packing.

Hario V60 Metal Dripper is easy to take care of

The Hario V60 Metal Dripper is constructed of lightweight stainless steel, available in 3 colors, bronze, silver or black. With a removable silicon base for easy cleaning or packing. You’ll never have to worry about the perfect cup of pour-over coffee when you travel. And with the minimalistic design, the perfect object d’art for the kitchen.

Where to find the Hario V60 Metal Dripper

The Hario V60 Metal Dripper is available at many gourmet and specialty kitchen houseware stores and also available from Amazon, Primo Coffee and other online retailers.

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

Stumptown Cold Brew CoffeeCold Brew Coffee? There’s nothing more refreshing than cold brewed coffee over ice for an afternoon pick-me-up.

The Stumptown Cold Brew is remarkably fresh-tasting. You’d expect something like coffee, that needs to be freshly brewed, to taste processed and maybe stale from a bottle. Not so with this cold brew. It tasted like, well, coffee! Happy surprise.

The Process

From the Stumptown site: “Cold brew”, also known as “cold press” or “toddy coffee,” is brewed without heat over a long duration. We craft our well-loved version by steeping freshly roasted coffee in room temperature water for over 12 hours, and using a double filtration process to procure the end result: a complex, smooth and sweet, full-bodied brew with bright juiciness, low acidity and a long chocolate finish.”

Where to find Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Cold Brew is available at all their cafes, online and retailers like Whole Foods, Dean & Deluca as well as others, check their site for more locations.

Learn more at StumptownCoffee.com


Creative Commons License
Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee table top by Mark LaPoint is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at poutovercoffeeworld.com.

Ceramic vs Plastic Coffee Drippers


The fight was on. Which would prevail in a ceramic vs plastic coffee dripper tête à tête? But before the battle could commence, the TKO went to plastic! If you’re clumsy at all, a ceramic coffee dripper will not last very long. This beautiful Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper lasted exactly two days. While the steadfast 20+ year-old Melitta dripper survived to fight another day…until the replacement arrives.

The comparison was meant to pit the Melitta plastic coffee dripper
against a similar style ceramic dripper. POCW labs has a resin Hario V60, but the test would not have been accurate as the two drippers are vastly different in extracting method.

So while the ceramic filters available run a range of quality and style, plastic/resin drippers are limited to a couple of choices.

A call-out to Bee House, Bonmac and others.

Make resin versions of your ceramic coffee drippers! Hario has a very nice resin version of its V60 coffee dripper. While Clever Coffee makes a nice resin coffee dripper, it differs in method, by holding and steeping the coffee until the valve is released, it can’t be used for this comparison.

Ceramic vs Plastic Coffee Dripper

So which coffee dripper really won? Had the contest taken place, certainly the ceramic would have prevailed, as ceramic is like class, the glaze used on ceramic is actually glass, and would be 100% inert with the coffee in the pour-over extraction. While the Melitta is the granddaddy of pour-over there are better materials available that could be used in manufacture.

The winner is…

In the ceramic vs coffee dripper contest and despite the glaring flaw of being extremely fragile, ceramic wins! We were able to brew a couple of cups of pour-over coffee. We felt that we were drinking coffee pure and simple. Sorry plastic. Back to the cupboard with you. Well, at least, until your replacement arrives. We at Pour Over Coffee World are waiting for resin versions of their ceramic coffee drippers to do conduct a true head-to-head.